Blues Vol 1-4, Plus Blues shapes, Blues Bass lines and Easy Jazz course (8 Course Bundle)


The Blues Piano Bundle is by far the most popular course at iMusicAcademy.

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The Blues Piano Courses are by far the most popular courses at iMusicAcademy.

Volume 1 begins with detailed video instruction of 10 blues licks in the key of C over a repeated Bass pattern to develop a vocabulary and feel for the blues. Details Sheet music included for all examples. Beginner to Advanced players will find these licks helpful to take your blues playing to the next level.
Blues Volume 2 is the next volume in the series that contains 10 more licks, Sheet music and video to increase your blues vocabulary. Each lick not only sounds good, but will teach a specific concept found in blues piano. Theses licks are taught very slowly in great detail and are sure to turn some heads and get some toes tapping!
Volume 3 contains the last set of 10 licks in the series. This licks are filled with beautiful lines, dissonant lines and shapes, pentatonic shapes and even a few jazz shapes. This volume is sure to give your fingers a workout!

Blues volume 4 has 10 more licks with a new bass line and new modern vocabulary ideas. This New Orleans style baseline and licks will help you groove in a a new way! Blues vol 4 is one of my favorite courses to practice.

Blues Alt basslines volume 1. This course teaches 10 different baselines to use with will using 1 lick in the right hand. This will help you build up your muscle memory and coordination. Once you get the bass lines down, you can use them to play any of our blues licks from any of the courses.

The easy jazz course is included as a gift but also shows how blues and jazz work well together. In just 5 lessons you will learn how to play in a jazz trio using 2,3 and 4 note (Bill Evans) voicings in the left hand will soling in the right hand with blues and jazz licks.
Also, in lesson 5 you will learn a walking bass line to go with your 4 note voicings for the left hand!
As soon as you purchase this bundle you will get your digital video links for Vimeo and your sheet music links from Dropbox.
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Solo Blues Piano with Champe! Enjoy this solo blues piano course with Champe from iMusicAcademy. This course shows you tips from a solo piano improve session. Champe is a gifted artist and teacher. Enjoy this bonus course!

These courses contain the all video lessons with sheet music!


Bob Taylor

2 reviews for Blues Vol 1-4, Plus Blues shapes, Blues Bass lines and Easy Jazz course (8 Course Bundle)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Clair Hardy

    I bought the first course separately and then got the bundle of courses after. I was very impressed with the licks outlined and with the videos which show you the best fingering for each one. This big bundle is a killer deal and I would highly recommend it!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Victoria Summers

    Best Blues course I have ever taken Taught by Bob Taylor who is the best teacher and goes slow enough for easy learning of new licks and how to
    make them work. He teaches exercises for left and right hands alone and then how to lock them up together. Very effective.

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