iMusicAcademy is Proud to have Felipe Coelho teaching exclusively at iMusicAcademy. The Hybrid technique guitar Volume 3 is 45 minutes lesson on the importance of understanding the fundamentals of this system in order to achieve speed, clarity, and musical excellence. Felipe is one of the most gifted gifted guitarists in the world and his expertise in the use of the rest stroke in volume one are essential for developing speed using the hybrid system. This lesson is the next step in learning the hybrid system.

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This 45min lesson features Flamenco and Brazilian guitar techniques that Felipe has used to develop his sound. He is truly one of the most gifted guitarists you will ever hear. Flawless technique, exquisite musicality and a natural performer, Felipe shows you important stylistic concepts from the Flamenco and Brazilian world while showing you how to develop your own personal style.

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