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How Can We Help?

Here at iMusicacademy, we thrive off teaching and connecting with those who have a passion, or even a mild interest, in all things music. From private lessons and public courses to exclusive streams on our YouTube channel, we have just what you need to envelop yourself in the world of music.

iMA Blues Academy is Open and we want you!

Are you enjoying learning how to play the blues?

From my own experience, it is easy to get stuck playing the same things and not really improving. This often leads to frustration and a lack of motivation. I am convinced that “community” is the key. We work together, practice together and encourage each other.

I am excited to say, “Our iMA Blues Academy is now open”

Each week, our community has 2 live training sessions and we have blues roadmaps for success that are in the membership area. Yes, there is a platform you log into that you can easily access the blues courses, all keys trainings, additional courses, etc. We keep it fun and we are growing.

The initial investment is simple. You get the bundle which has all of the blues courses and the easy jazz course. (which are standalone pdfs that have clickable sheet music pages that take you to video training on every example.

You also get Online Access to the membership area for 1 month to decide if it is right for you. Inside the membership area is several other courses like blues alt bass lines, blues shapes, blues shapes in all keys, blues vol 1 all keys, transpose toolbox, etc.


Achieve Your

We want you to get the best possible experience on your music journey. That’s why we have created a YouTube channel to provide you with tips, lessons and fun content to envelop you in the world of music.
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