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I am very excited to announce my first ever Songbook from iMusicAcademy.
You may be wondering what is in this songbook, and why was it created?
Back in 2021 I led a course of 50 students in Blues volume 1 in all keys. The community aspect of working together with students inspired me to create a membership for students who were looking for daily/weekly lessons and inspiration to continue learning blues and jazz.
Since November of last year I have been working with an amazing group of students at all age ranges and levels of ability.
They get several lessons a week in our 5 minute practice sessions. In addition to going through courses, I have created over 37 songs and etudes to help turn licks into music. This group is so much fun and many of the songs are written for students in the group, or funny things that happen during the week. The Community has been amazing.
So…. Fast forward to now. I have made a pdf with (Volume 1 and 2 combined) of 37 songs and etudes summing up our songs since November 2021.

When you get the course, you will get a pdf with a clickable index to give you access to any of the 37 songs. These are detailed sheet music examples of songs that were created for our students to turn licks into music. In addition to getting the pdf, I am also including the audio files of each of the tunes.

In addition to launching the songbook, starting July 15, we are doing a 21 day boot camp of songs with Bob Vol 1. If you purchase the songbook, you will have an opportunity to sign up for the boot camp. Each of the 10 live sessions will teach songs from volume 1. The sessions will be available for replay and for lifetime views.

Also in included is a youtube audio playlist of the songs as well as dropbox individual charts and wav files.
Several of the charts have alternate versions of the songs.

Here is a link to the my first iMA Songbook
My hope is that you will get this songbook and see what we have been doing this past year.
Bob Taylor