iMusicAcademy Blues and Jazz Christmas Bootcamp starts Dec 7th

Christmas Blues and Jazz Bootcamp Starts Dec 7th for Beginner/intermediate players Instant pre-download of all resources including member pre-bootcamp playlist Blues and jazz bootcamp link I am excited to be launching an 8 session Christmas bootcamp on Dec 7th at iMusicAcademy. Who is this for? In my opinion, this bootcamp is for all levels but […]

37 Blues and Jazz songs and etudes (digital songbook)

I am very excited to announce my first ever Songbook from iMusicAcademy. You may be wondering what is in this songbook, and why was it created? Back in 2021 I led a course of 50 students in Blues volume 1 in all keys. The community aspect of working together with students inspired me to create […]

3 Blues Piano Licks to Make You Sound Like a Pro In 1 Hour

It’s hard to believe that this video is 6 years old. This is still my most popular video at 930k views. It is this video that has helped me meet people all over the world that are wanting to learn blues piano. We have created 4 Blues piano volumes to help do a “deep dive” […]

Blues Piano Tutorial in C 16min lesson from Volume 2

In this Blues Piano Tutorial in C, I take you through an entire practice session for 16min while we break this lick down and learn it in 3 keys. The pdf is from Blues Volume 2 which contains the original bass line. In this example I teach a different bass line. Think of this blues […]

Another Late Night Blues Scale Connection and Alt Bass (2pdfs)

Here is your link to get these pdfs and many more from blues vol. 4. Blues Pdfs  Just for fun if you decide to get blues Vol.1, I have lowered the price from $24.99 to $7 Blues Volume 1 for $7 In this Example I have 2 more pdfs from Volume 4. One is another […]

8 New Bass Lines for the Blues Courses

iMusicAcademy, Here is a new video with 8 different bass lines to use with the blues system.  Grab these pdfs and let me know which one is your favorite. Free Alternate blues pdfs… If you would like to get Blues volume 1, you can get it here.… This video will give you several […]

Hybrid Technique Vol. 1 for Guitar with Felipe Coelho and Free Course Giveaway!

iMusicAcademy is Proud to have Felipe Coelho teaching exclusively at iMusicAcademy. During a limited time, when you purchase vol.1 of the Hybrid Technique for guitar, you get another course on Flamenco and Brazilian guitar absolutely free.The Hybrid technique guitar is a 45 minute vol. on the importance of understand the fundamentals of this system in […]

50 Days to Flying Fingers $49 until July 31st

I have decided to make all of my courses more affordable for everyone. I have changed the price of the course from $89 to $49 until July 31st.  I have listed a little info regarding what you can expect to achieve from getting this course. I know for a fact that you will dramatically change […]

Alternate Bass Lines for Blues Piano

Here is an example of the Alt blues bass line course coming out in March. Please like the video and get download the pdf here The pdf will be in your inbox. Also, I will be sending out more of these pdfs and tips as we get closer to the launch release of March […]

New Orleans Style Blues Lick You Have to Try!

Here is a great New Orleans style blues lick to add to your vocabulary. It is example no. 3 from Blues Piano Vol. 2. One great thing about the blues piano series is that all of the licks are in the key of C. As you learn the licks in the key of C, you […]

Locking up the Hands

10k subscribers came and went! Thank you everyone! This lesson is a great triplett blues lesson showing you how to lock up the hands. This is one of the most often questions I get from people! You just need to take it in sections and think about counting it out and finding what fingers fall […]

50 Days to Flying Fingers Lesson

iMusicAcademy, When I began playing the piano, I was very fortunate to study with a very gifted classical pianist. He taught me about classical technique and how to play fast with little effort. I also learned how to play without injuring your hand. While I was studying classical music, I started learning about jazz and […]

Practicing to get better!

iMusicAcademy, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about managing your practice time. Practicing the piano can be an overwhelming task if we don’t have specific goals in mind. There can be so much to think about that we can actually practice but not get anything accomplished. Should we learn scales, arpeggios, chords, improvisation, […]

Live Stream idea for Blues Piano example 9 lick with Alt Bass

iMusicAcademy, Many of you know that I am doing more live streams these days. This is partly because of my increase in teaching new students online. I am thankful for the my new students all of you that have supported me by getting the courses. Thank you for letting me be a part of your […]

Easy Jazz Piano Vol 1 Example 1

Here is example 1 from my Easy Jazz Piano Course. This is a great exercise for both beginners as well as experienced jazz players. It focuses on the first 5 notes of the blues scale. If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching! Bob

Blues Piano Volume 3 example no. 6

  Here is an excerpt from Blues Piano Volume 3 from Also,   Here is the pdf.  Blues Piano Vol 3 ex 6 – Piano Please let me know how you like it. We currently have both versions of the courses. Now you get the Vimeo courses and dropbox chart links as well as the new […]

Blues Piano Volume 2 example 7

iMusicAcademy, Here is one of the more popular licks that you guys ask me about. The key to getting this blues lick under your fingers is to isolate the lick into several smaller parts. I do this with all of the licks teach. By breaking it down into smaller segments, you can work to master […]

Day 32 of 50 Days to Flying Fingers

Hey guys! Based on your feedback, example 1 of 50 Days is one of your favorite exercises for working the fingers. In day 32, we do a slight variation by changing 1 note. This is a very important note. The E natural becomes and Eb. This will help you with the iim7 V7 chord progression. […]

Blues Volume 3 example 1

Try this example from Blues vol. 3. All 3 blues volumes have a repeated bass pattern in the key of C. This volume has 10 more licks in the key of C with Video hosted on Vimeo with detailed instruction including sheet music with fingering for every lick.

Pitchnotics Pitch (sleep meditation for 10 hours)

  iMusicAcademy, Many of you know that I am launching an ear training course for adults on September 22nd. This will cover all areas of training the ear as well as using the videos for “Pitchnotics”. For Adults, the goal is to have greater pitch awareness through “focus” on individual pitches, especially on your instrument. […]

Solo Blues Piano with Champe it out!

Check out this example from Solo Blues piano with Champe. In this first example, Champe plays the blues solo and the begins teaching the solo. This first example is 1 of 5 that take you through the entire blues solo. This 25 minute video will show you exactly how to play this entire solo giving […]

i Music Academy Oscar Peterson Style Lick

iMusicAcademy, Here is a fun lick in the style of Oscar Peterson. When I started learning how to play the piano, Oscar with the first guy I started listening to.  Try to spend a lot of time on this lick. After you get it, you will want to try transposing it into other keys. This […]

Jazz Piano Voicing lesson(4ths) and Bassline from “So What” by Miles Davis

iMusicAcademy, For this video I wanted to do something a little different. When pianists learn the dorian mode, this is one of the most important voicings to learn. It comes from the tune “So What” by Miles Davis off of the album Kind of Blue. The voicing is stacked in intervals of a fourth with […]

Get Blues Piano Vol 1-3 and get Jazz Vol 1 for Free

Blues Courses (and jazz course) have 4 hours of Video and 40 pdfs I have been getting a lot of questions about the blues courses. The number 1 question is “Do the Videos come with Pdfs?” The answer is yes. Blues Volumes 1-3 and Jazz course have a total of 40 pdfs and 4 hours of […]

Blues Piano Volume 3 is out!

I am excited to announce the Launch of Blues piano volume 3. This completes the 3 volume set for piano. We are also including a bonus course “Easy Jazz Piano Vol 1.”  After completing your order. You will have instant access to Blues Piano Volumes 1-3 as well as the easy jazz course. The Ultimate  Blues bundle […]

IMPORTANT NEWS and New Jazz Piano Lick PDF

iMusicAcademy, Wow, what a great start to the new year! I am proud of all of the students who have been sticking with the courses and staying focused. I am seeing amazing progress from my weekly students! Keep it up! Important news! I have had the blues bundle courses on sale for 6 months and this […]

Killer Jazz Piano Lick with walking bass line

iMusicAcademy, Here a great Jazz piano lick for a 1 6 2 5 turnaround with a bass line. You are going to be learning a lot if you study this lick. First, let’s start with the left hand. In addition to learn the bass notes for the chords (C,A,D,G)  you also learn one of the coolest […]

Jazz Piano Walking Bass with Comping exercise (loop)

iMusicAcademy, Here is a great exercise I give my students to learn how to do a walking bass line while playing comping chords in the right hand. This example is moving from a C7 to an F7 which happens in the first 2 measure of jazz blues progression in the key of C. This example […]

Easy Jazz Piano Vol 1 Free Lesson and Charts

iMusicAcademy, Here is a free gift from my Easy Jazz Piano Course. This is a great way to for beginners to start learning about jazz. If you are a more experienced player, I encourage you to try example 1 in all keys. Here are the first 2 charts of my Easy jazz piano course.I hope you […]

Brazilian and Flamenco Guitar Techniques with Felipe Coelho vol.1

iMusicAcademy is Proud to have Felipe Coelho teaching exclusively at iMusicAcademy. This 45min lesson features Flamenco and Brazilian guitar techniques that Felipe has used to develop his sound. Beginners to advanced players will enjoy this living room sessions with one of the worlds greatest guitarists.  Click Here to order Vol.1 Sincerely, Bob Taylor