My name is Bob Taylor. I am a jazz pianist with a background in classical music. I have learned countless exercises to help gain incredible technique at the piano regardless of your skill level. I have created a course to help both novice and experienced players achieve “Flying Finger” by following my practice plan over the course of 50 days! This will radically change your technique. For my portion of the course, you will get jazz exercises to help strengthen fingers of both hands. While doing this, you will be learning jazz patterns to help you improvise and learn the “language of jazz”. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to study with a brilliant classical teacher William DeVan. I took the knowledge I learned from him to create this course. I also understand the benefit of classical exercises for technique. So, I also invited Mr DeVan to be a part of this course.

What to expect from this Course.

Over 20 examples of piano exercises carefully selected by Mr. DeVan and I to “Radically” change your technique forever.
Half of the exercises are from Mr. DeVan (from the Classical side)
and the other Half are from me (from Jazz Side)

The exercises range from Beginner to Advanced but each one has a specific goal in mind to work a particular muscle in the hand. Just take my example from yesterday that I put up on youtube.  Click Here
Already on this one example, there has been tremendous feedback. Try it out! and download the chart if you didn’t get it yesterday. You will notice the workout you get from just this one example.

This video contains HD video with all of the exercises as well as written out examples with specific fingerings.

In addition to having the sheet music and video. Each example has “real time” practice sessions so that you stay motivated and consistent with your practice.

Also, As a free gift, I am sending you Blues Piano Volume to get you playing the blues within a week!

Thank you for supporting iMusicAcademy!


Bob Taylor

3 reviews for Transform your technique in 50 Days

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dwight Miller

    This course has been great – exactly for improving fingering and coordination,

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ron Greenberg

    The quality and obvious skill level of Bob Taylor’s music expertise make this the best course of the many many dozens of others I’ve researched. This course is broken down into small step by step segments teaching you correct piano method and techniques at your own pace . It focuses on getting you playing without getting bogged down into too much theory. I am excited and confident that I will easily achieve my piano goals for 2019 thanks to this wonderful course.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is a wonderful program not only for blues/jazz performers, but also classical performers like myself! I’m already seeing improvements in my playing, and Bob has been very personable and helpful via email as well. Definitely would suggest to any serious pianist of any level.

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