50 Days to Flying Fingers $49 until July 31st

50 Days to Flying Fingers $49 until July 31st

I have decided to make all of my courses more affordable for everyone. I have changed the price of the course from $89 to $49 until July 31st.  I have listed a little info regarding what you can expect to achieve from getting this course. I know for a fact that you will dramatically change your piano technique by getting the course.

My name is Bob Taylor. I am a jazz pianist with a background in classical music. I have learned countless exercises to help gain incredible technique at the piano regardless of your skill level. I have created a course to help both novice and experienced players achieve “Flying Fingers” by following my practice plan over the course of 50 days! This will radically change your technique. For my portion of the course, you will get jazz exercises to help strengthen fingers of both hands. While doing this, you will be learning jazz patterns to help you improvise and learn the “language of jazz”. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to study with a brilliant classical teacher William DeVan. I took the knowledge I learned from him to create this course. I also understand the benefit of classical exercises for technique. So, I also invited Mr DeVan to be a part of this course.

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