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When I began playing the piano, I was very fortunate to study with a very gifted classical pianist. He taught me about classical technique and how to play fast with little effort. I also learned how to play without injuring your hand. While I was studying classical music, I started learning about jazz and playing local gigs. Over the years I have taken my love for both jazz and classical music and created a course call 50 days to flying fingers. It incorporates both classical and jazz exercises. I promise you that if you do these exercises, your technique will be transformed. This example is a little more advanced but the great thing about this course is that you can go at your own pace.

Here is a great exercise dealing with the minor 2 V 1 in Cm. Each example has realtime practice session to keep you motivated as well as access to the private Facebook group. 50 Days to Flying FIngers has over 50 exercises classical and Jazz but you can go at your own pace. 1 exercise at a time. To learn more visit Have Fun! Bob

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