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Wow, what a great start to the new year! I am proud of all of the students who have been sticking with the courses and staying focused. I am seeing amazing progress from my weekly students! Keep it up!
Important news! I have had the blues bundle courses on sale for 6 months and this is the last week to get them. On March 5th Blues Vol 3 comes out.  I will be still offering the courses but they will be not be sold as a bundle.

If you are interested in getting the blues vol 1-2 bundle for only $27  Click Here
If you are interested in getting the blues vol 1-3 and free jazz course for $32  Click Here
If you would like to pre-order volume 3 for $12 Click Here

You have until March 4th at Midnight to get the bundles!

Lastly, I always try to over deliver to all of the people who support Here is the chart to my new video that seems to be popular right now. This is a great example of a cool walking bass line and killer lick for the right hand. It might be a little difficult for the beginners, but a great chart to hang on to  while you watch the video!
Jazz lick Pdf
Bob Taylor


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