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Here a great Jazz piano lick for a 1 6 2 5 turnaround with a bass line. You are going to be learning a lot if you study this lick. First, let’s start with the left hand. In addition to learn the bass notes for the chords (C,A,D,G)  you also learn one of the coolest things you can learn about walking bass lines. When you add a notes from above and below the target note. This concept comes from the use of “tritones” (more about that in another video)

  1. Practice suggestions. Learn the baseline and the right hand lick separately.
  2. Try this baseline in multiple keys.
  3. Try the right hand lick in multiple keys.
  4. practice very slow

Take your time on this one. Once you get this lick under your fingers, try to find a tune in C and put this example in the turnaround. A good suggestion would be “Take the A Train”. If you have any questions you can always email me at

Have fun!


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