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Here is a great New Orleans style blues lick to add to your vocabulary. It is example no. 3 from Blues Piano Vol. 2. One great thing about the blues piano series is that all of the licks are in the key of C. As you learn the licks in the key of C, you will begin to get the sound in your head and fingers. The next step is to start transposing them into other keys. I love to talk with my students about the importance of learning “How to Pracice”. Here is one tip… Since there are 7 days in a week, you can’t set a practice schedule that helps with learn to play in all keys.

Try this… Take off Sunday…
Monday-Saturday practice playing your licks in 2 different keys each day. For Example.

Monday C, C#
Tuesday D, Eb
Wednesday E, F

You may want to do C and one other key each day. This will take you 2 weeks. The great thing about this strategy is that you always go back to C as your Home key.

Let me know what king of practice routine you setup for transposition and get to work!

Let me know how you like this video and give a thumbs up if you find it helpful 😎

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